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Chrno Crusade Episode 3: Apostoles

Remington says that the Magdalan Order has figured out that the third prophesy of the Fatima Prophesy is that an angel will appear on Earth. From the balcony of an opera house, Rosette explains that Azmaria Hendric, a soprano, is believed to be the angel. She points out that the man who owns the hotel, Ricardo Hendric, is also a devil worshipper. Chrno can sense an energy from the tall man, Relaie, standing behind him.

That night, Rosette and Chrno hide out in a casino and wait for their chance. Chrno tries to keep Rosette focused on the mission and denies her money for the slot machines. Over-excited, Rosette accidentally breaks the slot machine. Chrno drags her away and they start to track down Azmaria. Rosette makes it onto Ricardo’s private floor where she finds a lot of people gathered. Chrno, who is at the top of the building, suddenly runs into a gargoyle, which comes to life. The mic goes dead and Rosette screams his name. Searching for a place to hide, she ducks into a Staff Only room and runs into Azmaria. Rosette introduces herself to Azmaria and tells her that she is there to rescue her.

As they are leaving the room, they run into Relaie. Azmaria covers for her and the guards go to take her to the from desk. Chrno and the demon break through the window. Relaie recognizes Chrno. Rosette, Azmaria, and Chrno jump out of the window and start to run. Relaie sends more demons after them. Rosette fires on them, exploding them on the main floor of the casino.

Azmaria apologizes for all the damage and death she has caused. She begins to sing and everyone is suddenly brought back to life. When she is done, she faints. Back at the Order, Rosette demands to know what the Apostles are. Remington and Sister Kate agree to tell her. Remington tells her that Joshua was an Apostle, just like Azmaria. That is why the Order wanted to bring him under their protection. Remington tells her that there are seven Apostles, each after the seven virtues. Joshua was Hope, while Azmaria was Benevolence. Outside, Azmaria explains to Chrno that she has always had her power but it has just recently begun to show itself strongly. Rosette is called over to help the other nuns with chores and Azmaria volunteers to help as well.

Back in Sister Kate’s office, Remington and Sister Kate worry about the time when the demons will try to take Azmaria. Remington hears the clatter of china and opens the door to find tea delivered to them. Azmaria runs outside, crying, because she has overheard their conversation. She runs into Rosette and Chrno and they take her to a lake up in the mountains. As they are running around, Chrno explains that Azmaria reminds Rosette of her former self, especially when she was a child. All of them play in the lake until the sun goes down.

At night, they make a fire and sit around it, talking. Rosette tells Azmaria that there is no shame in crying and encourages her to let out the pain inside of her. Azmaria beings crying, but has a smile on her face. At that moment, Relaie attacks them, pinning Chrno to the ground. Rosette and Azmaria see a huge zeppelin in the sky. Azmaria tells Relaie that she will go with him as long as he does not hurt Chrno. Relaie trick her by agreeing, then throws an orb of energy at Rosette and Chrno.


Chrno Crusade Episode 10: Horn

Rosette is stunned to see a bird talking to Chrno and Chrno explains that the bird is just another devil, like him. Chrno tells Aion that he refuses to work with him anymore, but Aion offers him his horns back. Aion explains to Rosette that devil horns as astral absorption organs and that he broke Chrno’s off. He invites Chrno to join him again and regain his glory. Chrno tells Aion that he will not join him, even for his horns. Aion tells him that he has already given the horns away.

Back at the orphanage, Joshua wakes up to hear the voice of Aion. Aion tells him that it is unfair that other children can run around without having to worry about illness. Aion appears and hands him Chrno’s horns, telling Joshua that they will give him power. Back in the forest, Aion tells Chrno and Rosette to see what he has done to Joshua. Chrno grows wings and carries Rosette back to the orphanage.

At the orphanage, Joshua stumbles out of his room with horns growing out of his head. When one of the other children tries to reach out to him, Joshua can hear his inner thoughts of fear and loathing. He attacks the boy, turning him into stone, and the thoughts stop entering his head. He realizes that to stop the thoughts, he needs to turn everyone into stone.

Rosette and Chrno arrive to find everyone fleeing the building. The building explodes and everyone turns to stone. Rosette walks forward, confused, and finds Joshua walking out of the building. She sees the horns on Joshua’s head and asks him what is going on. Joshua tells her what happened, but Rosette begins to cry. Joshua pushes her away, crouching from the noise. He tells Rosette to run away before he accidentally turns her to stone too.

Chrno picks Rosette up and flies into the air with her to save her. She notices that his hand has not healed and Chrno explains that his astral energy is too low. Chrno tells her about contractors, people who summon devils. The devils will do their bidding if the contractor provides them his soul to use. Rosette offers he soul up to Chrno to use, knowing that he is the only person who can save Joshua. Chrno agrees to the contract and hands her a watch that will keep track of her life. Chrno tells Azmaria that he wonders if they made the right choice, but Rosette is certain that they did. Meanwhile, Aion flies to Joshua and tells him they have found another Apostle in Texas and are trying to get it.

Chrno Crusade Episode 9: Joshua

Sister Kate and the Elder examine the photos. Sister Kate mentions that Rosette has gone to the Seventh Bell, the place where she lost Joshua. At the Seventh Bell, Rosette, Chrno, and Azmaria enter the building. Azmaria is frightened and quickly becomes lost in the dark. She runs into statues of frozen children and their parents and screams. When Rosette comes along, she hits Azmaria to stop her from screaming. They sit on a fence and Rosette tells Azmaria that Aion turned the people to stone, not Joshua.

Chrno then begins to relate the past to Azmaria. He tells her that at the Seventh Bell (orphanage) four years earlier, Rosette and Joshua had lived there. One day, when they are playing outside, Remington comes to see the caregiver about taking Joshua in. Rosette and her brother go into the woods. Rosette tells Joshua that they will not go back to the orphanage until Remington leaves because she thinks Remington will turn him into some kind of experiment.

As they are walking along, they both fall down a hill and into a stream. The stream deposits them on some grass, which quickly gives way underneath them. They fall into a sewer where Rosette scrapes her knee. Joshua heals her and wonders why he cannot heal his own illnesses. They walk through the sewer until they come to a big door. In faded text, they read, “Eternal Saint Magda sleeps”. When Joshua touches the door, the seal on it lights up and it opens for them. Joshua then remembers hearing about a tomb in the forest. A voice calls out to them – it is Chrno.

Rosette asks who the being is and Chrno introduces himself. He is weak though, from lack of spiritual energy. Rosette hands him some cookies. Rosette explains to Azmaria that this was how she met Chrno. She tells Azmaria that after she met Chrno, all of her fears disappeared. When Azmaria asks who was in the coffin, Chrno tells her that it was Saint Magdalene. She asks him why he was there, but he does not answer.

Chrno remembers the time shortly after he was freed. He, Rosette, and Joshua went on picnics and played in the forest. Chrno would tell them stories and explained the Astral Line to them. People descend to earth and when their life is up, their spirit shatters and returns to the Astral Line. He explains that the souls of the dead continue to flow through the world. Joshua tells Chrno that it would be great if he and Rosette could find the Astral Line and write a book on it. Later on, when Joshua falls asleep, Rosette tells Chrno that she wants to become a doctor so she can help Joshua get better.

One day, Chrno feels that he is being watched by someone. Rosette runs up and tells him that Joshua has decided to leave with Remington in one week. Back at the orphanage, Joshua tells Remington that he has made this decision so Rosette will not worry about him anymore. Outside, as Chrno is talking to Rosette, he sees a crow in his head and Aion begins talking to him.

Chrno Crusade Episode 8: The Puppet

In the suburbs of New York, Rosette, Chrno, and Azmaria go shopping for supplies. They get a phone call from Remington, who tells them to meet him at Grand Central Station at five o’clock. Rosette is delighted to be asked to pick Remington up. Meanwhile, Remington waits at the station. A strange man comes forward, telling him that he ate the man he was supposed to meet. When Remington draws his gun, he finds that the delivery boy is normal and that everyone in the station is laughing at him. The delivery man holds a screwdriver to his neck and tells Remington to hand over his gun so that they can talk.

Meanwhile, Rosette, Chrno, and Azmaria rush to get all the supplies back to the Order before picking up Remington. When the other nuns see the wet flour sacks, they blame Rosette’s bad driving, even though it was Azmaria who tripped with them. Chrno drags an angry Rosette away from them and she runs back out to the car. Chrno and Azmaria tell the nuns where she is going, but one of them mentions that Remington went out in his car earlier and should not need someone to pick him up.

In the station, Remington learns that everyone there is associated with Aion. They tell him they are waiting for Rosette because He needs her. Remington tells them that because the weather is bad, Rosette may not even come. He tells them that ever since Rosette came to the Order, he considers himself as her guardian. He attacks one of them and says that he cannot let anyone take Rosette. At that moment, Rosette enters Grand Central Station.

Rosette is led away by two men who tell her that Joshua is waiting for them. Remington then draws a cross that is a sword and slices through all the webs manipulating people. He tells Rosette that the man controlling them is at the second window. Rosette draws her gun and shoots at him, but misses. As they are preparing to leave, the voice of the Puppeteer calls out to them. The Puppeteer raises all the people, who are only unconscious, and tells Rosette that if she obeys her, all the people can be saved. A small boy tells her to hurry up and see Joshua, who suffers because he cannot see his sister. A man sneaks up behind Remington and places a gun to his head, telling him that only Rosette can go with them. Back at the Order, Sister Kate receives a phone call that shots were fired at Grand Central Station.

Meanwhile, Rosette goes with the two men, who tell her that they will take her to Joshua. She starts to get on the train, but Remington, who has fought out of the crowd, tells her not to go. The Puppeteer grabs him and lifts him up in the air. Rosette fights against the crowd of men, finally able to throw Remington a sword. He slashes through the bindings and falls to the ground. The Puppeteer tells her that she will have to take Rosette by force then and sends her army of manipulated humans at her. Remington tells her to aim for their necks, where the threads are attached. She and Remington escape back into the main hallway, but the crowds restrain them.

As the Puppeteer is going in to capture her, Chrno and Azmaria enter. Azmaria has set up a Cruciform Barrier, which frees everyone and hurts the Puppeteer. Chrno recognizes the Puppeteer as Rizeel. After the incident, Remington hands her the package that was delivered to him. She finds photos of Joshua in it.

Chrno Crusade Episode 7: The Devil

Rosette enter the chapel where she finds all the religious symbols weeping. She screams and gets Sister Kate. As they are staring in amazement, a call comes fro Sister Kate. Remington enters and tells them that other churches have reported seeing a black sun and a red moon. Chrno says that these symbols means that Aion has arrived. In other parts of the world, hail mixed with fire and blood wipe out one third of the life. Members of the dead rise. Sister Kate points out that Central Park is one of the hot spots where Aion could rise up. In previous uprisings, that area has always been sealed. She receives orders that she is to reestablish the barrier of Seven Feathers there.

Remington orders everyone to their assigned spots – Rosette, Chrno, and Azmaria showing up late. Throughout the park, rifts begin to open. Rosette holds off demons while Chrno and Azmaria help set up the barrier. As they are going to set up the last one, hordes of undead stop them. Satella (Hexe) appears , using her jewel magic to kill the undead surrounding them. She tells Rosette that the government of New York has assigned her to help them. When Rosette tells Chrno and Azmaria to finish the barrier, Chrno senses Aion. He grabs both of them and begins to run.

Satella senses a devil too and turns to find a man in white. He introduces himself as the Alpha and the Omega, Aion. Chrno shouts for her to stop, but she attacks Aion. He takes her energy blast and sends it back to her. Chrno jumps in front of her and absorbs the hit. Aion walks forward and asks Chrno to join him again in changing the Pandemonium. When Chrno resists, he throws him against a boulder. Rosette jumps out, drawing her gun, and asks where Joshua is. Aion refuses to reply and asks for Azmaria.

Meanwhile, Remington receives word that all sections of the barrier are in place and that they are just waiting for Rosette. They are worried because Rosette has not reported in yet. Aion sits down and tells everyone that the one called God is the one that has created all of their problems. Chrno calls for them not to listen to Aion, but Aion summons Chrno forward and chokes him with one hand. Aion tells them that God will not save any one of them now. He offers to free them from their suffering, like he did Joshua. He then chokes Chrno so that he spits up blood.

Aion walks towards Azmaria, telling her that he needs her power to defeat God. Rosette jumps between him and Azmaria and shoots him at point blank rage, but the bullet has no effect. Aion walks forward, addressing her as Mary of Magdala. When Aion kisses her, Chrno becomes angry. He summons all the power he can and starts to turn into a demon. Azmaria screams for Chrno to stop and tells Aion that she will come with him. When Aion touches her shoulder, to lead her away, a bright light hits him and he screams. The barrier is successful, with the last piece in Azmaria’s hand completing it. Chrno rushes over to Rosette and tells her that the man was not the real Aion.

Chrno Crusade Episode 6: The Jewel Summoner

In New York City, South Brooklyn, a strange woman approaches a group of smugglers. She introduces herself as Hexe du Jewel (the Jewel Witch). Back at the Order, Sister Kate learns that demons are going to be used as soldier for a mafia family. She sadly tells Remington that she sent Rosette, Chrno, and Azmaria after the smugglers because no other members of the militia were available. Rosette, Chrno, and Azmaria travel to the warehouse, but find it empty. A loud explosion is heard and they head towards that. Azmaria accidentally drops something the Elder gave her and when she goes to pick it up, the monster appears. Hexe appears and saves her. Azmaria watches in amazement as Hexe creates a huge warrior that defeats the monster.

When Rosette and Chrno appear, they find an army of monsters coming out of the warehouse. Hexe goes to leave, but Rosette stops her. Hexe introduces herself as Satella Harvenheit. Together, they fight off the monsters while Azmaria sets up a barrier. One of the monsters sneaks up behind Azmaria and Chrno saves her. However, she accidentally burns him with some Holy Water.

After they defeat all the monsters, Hexe yells at Rosette for letting a demon like Chrno fight along side them. She is convinced that Chrno is just another demon. Azmaria steps in and explains that Chrno is not like the rest. Hexe stalks off, telling Rosette to watch her back. Rosette receives a phone call from Sister Kate, telling them to investigate on foot for a while. Back at her home, Hexe reports that Rosette was fighting with a demon and is worried about the Order.

Rosette and her group run into Hexe when they find a car that has been attacked by demons. Hexe tells them that she has been tracking a smuggling cartel and that this scene is similar to a previous one. Chrno asks her why she came out to see the car, even though there is no bounty for dead bodies. She tells them that she is determined to finish the job. Rosette tells Hexe that she will help her, but Hexe refuses her help. They follow Hexe, who orders them to stop following her. Hexe tries to lose them down an alley but fails. They all collapse out of exhaustion in a park. Rosette smells hot dogs and Chrno says that he will get some food for them.

While eating, Hexe explains that she came to America from Germany about ten years ago. She says that she spent a lot of time searching for someone, but is not certain if she will ever find that person. As they are talking, a kick ball hits Rosette in the head. She and Azmaria join in the game. Chrno talks to Hexe, telling her that, like Hexe, Rosette is also searching for someone. When a child runs after a ball that has been kicked out of bounds, a demon rises up and grabs him. Chrno tackles him and the boy goes free. The demon throws Chrno aside and summons his army. As Rosette and Hexe fight the demons, Azmaria sets up the barrier.

After setting the last cross into the ground, Azmaria is grabbed by a demon. Hexe’s warrior attacks it, but it absorbs its underlings and becomes a giant sphinx that has more power. It knocks Hexe to the ground, but before it can kill her, Chrno jumps in front of her and saves her. Rosette loads a bullet into her gun and kills the demon. After they fight is over, Hexe leaves, telling them that she will never trust demons, even though Chrno just saved her life.

Chrno Crusade Episode 5: Militia

Rosette arrives late to Sister Kate’s office. Sister Kate asks them if there was a connection between Reraie and Aion. Chrno says that there is no connection. Remington and Sister Kate say that they is pretty sure that Aion’s plan is to declare war against Heaven. Because of this, Aion is trying to get rid of the Apostles, like Azmaria and Joshua. Rosette is angered and asks for the task for finding all the Apostles, saying that she now has enough skill to take on the demons. Sister Kate points that her becoming so emotional is a sign that she is not ready. She tells Rosette and Chrno that they will get the usual missions in the meantime.

Outside, Azmaria is waiting for them. She tells them that she loves being in the Children’s Choir and thanks them for helping her. Rosette tells both of them that she plans on leaving the Order because she feels that she will be held back by staying. She orders Chrno to come with her. That night, Rosette and Chrno try to sneak out. They run into Remington, who tells them that they can apply to become First Class Exorcists in the militia. All they need to do is convince Sister Kate. Back in Sister Kate’s office, Azmaria has come to ask Sister Kate for some advice. Azmaria says that she wants to become exactly like Rosette because Rosette is someone who can help people and who never gives up. She takes Azmaria to the training room and explains that Azmaria will be fighting artificial monsters.

Meanwhile, Rosette prepares for training. Chrno is asked to stay behind in the preparation room while Rosette enters the training room. Remington sets it for Level 20, the highest Rosette can train on. Remington tells Chrno that he has released a major demon inside the training room, just to really test Rosette. On hearing this, Sister Kate appears, upset at Remington that he did not clear this training session with her.

Confused, Azmaria wanders around the training room, unsure of what to do. She hears gunfire and retreats into a corner. Rosette comes out, guns blazing, searching for the monster. Through the mic, Remington tells her that there has been an accident and that the test will be cancelled. He tells her that Azmaria is down there and that they cannot find her. He then tells her about the real demon down there. Sister Kate tells her to exit the room and leave the rest to them. However, Rosette cannot leave Azmaria in trouble. She asks Remington if she can save Azmaria. He tells her that her opponent is the Mind Eater. As he is describing it, the communications cut out.

Alone in the training room, Rosette waits for the demon. Azmaria creeps up behind her, but Rosette recognizes that the Mind Eater has taken control of Azmaria’s body. She leaps on Azmaria, telling her to take control of her body, but Azmaria throws her off. Rosette leaps back and places Azmaria in a cross, trapping her. Seeing the explosions, Chrno demands to go down there, but Remington and Sister Kate tell him that Rosette will have to perform the exorcism herself by diving into Azmaria’s soul and bringing the real person back.

In the room, Rosette starts the exorcism and finds the Mind Eater already there. The Mind Eater tells her that Azmaria fears her own power, because it has caused the death of so many. Rosette sees Azmaria standing over the graves of all her past family and friends. Rosette calls out to Azmaria, but the Mind Eater multiplies and tackles her to the ground. Rosette keeps calling out to Azmaria, finally breaking her concentration. When the Mind Eater bites Rosette, Azmaria screams and comes back to her body. When Rosette wakes up, she sees Chrno leaning over her. She also sees Azmaria surrounded by a white light, safe from the demon.

Chrno Crusade Episode 4: Sinners

The zeppelin takes Azmaria away. Inside, she finds Ricardo strapped to a throne. He places Relaie in chains, angered that he attacked Chrno and Rosette without his permission. Relaie apologizes an is freed. Azmaria is strapped down to a chair and is ordered to give Ricardo life. Back on the land, the Order finds Rosette and Chrno unconscious. They realize that they are dealing a demon more powerful than any they have ever seen before. Rosette forces herself to stand and go and see if Chrno is all right. She tries to release Chrno, but he refuses. She tells him that he is the only person who can save Azmaria, but Chrno still does not want to be freed. Remington realizes that the source of Chrno’s power is Rosette’s soul.

In the zeppelin, Ricardo explains that he has fed Relaie for so long that it has eaten away his soul. He orders her to heal him and make him fully human again. Relaie begins the ritual and orders Azmaria to begin singing. Back on Earth, they see the Astral Line light up in the sky. Remington explains that the Astral Line is the origin of life and believes that the Apostles are given the ability to manipulate the Astral Line. Rosette tries to get a plane to get up to the zeppelin, but is denied. She begs Chrno to turn into a demon and he grudgingly agrees to do so for ten minutes. Rosette releases him and he turns into his true form.

Azmaria continues to scream, allowing the Astral Line to enter Ricardo. However, Relaie stops the process, killing Ricardo. He opens up his chest and explains that with the Astral flow he receives, he should be free. As Chrno and Rosette fly up to the zeppelin, part of it explodes. They enter the zeppelin and find Relaie. He tells them that he refuses to let them or Aion take Azmaria. Chrno tells Rosette to get Azmaria off the zeppelin, as the rest of the humans are really Legions, inferior demons that can take human form.

Relaie attacks Chrno while Rosette goes after Azmaria. Relaie calls Chrno weak, but Chrno tells him that he refuses to use all of his power. Rosette rescues Azmaria and outside of the window, they can see Chrno and Relaie fighting. Rosette explains that Chrno lives off her soul but in turn, serves as her protector. She tells Azmaria that she probably will not live to be thirty. Rather than being sad about it, Rosette says that she will just try to do as much work as she is able to before she dies.

Meanwhile, Chrno attacks Relaie many times, but is defeated each time. Relaie tells Chrno that he will free Chrno, by killing Rosette. Relaie fires a blast into the zeppelin, but misses Rosette. Angered, Chrno seizes Relaie and cuts him in two. The zeppelin explodes and Rosette and Azmaria begin to fall over the lake. Azmaria clings onto Rosette and sprouts wings that allow her, Rosette, and Chrno to reach the ground safely. Back at the Order, they find that Azmaria cannot use her powers for a while. She agrees to stay with them until she is fully healed.

Chrno Crusade Episode 2: The Contractor

Two children open a sealed door and find a demon named Chrno sitting inside the building. He tells them that that they should fear him, but he collapses from hunger. Rosette offers him some food and Chrno accepts, surprised. Joshua tells him how cool it is that Chrno is a demon. When Chrno looks up, he sees Aion. Joshua starts to walk away and then turns to mist. Rosette wakes up from her dream and misses her brother. At mass, the other sisters tell Rosette that they think Chrno is handsome. She is embarrassed that they think she and Chrno are a couple.

After mass, Rosette heads over to the Elder’s office. He shows her some Spirit bullets that he is developing and asks her to take them to Sister Kate. He tells her that there are demons in those rounds. He has managed to break down demons into a spiritual energy and on impact with another demon, they explode. Rosette is tempted to try out the bullets and instead of delivering them to Sister Kate, takes them on her next mission.

She and Chrno go after a horned demon – Chrno tells her that if she aims for the horn, she can defeat it. The demon’s horn explodes and it falls to the ground. Rosette loads up a Spirit bullet, but before she can fire it, the demon knocks the gun out of her hand. However, it crumbles to dust before it can attack her. Chrno gets a strange feeling, but tries to brush it off. After they defeat the demon, Chrno and Rosette look for her gun. A demon who has been disguised in the crowd has taken it.

Back at the Order, Rosette reports that the owner of the establishment worshipped demons. Remington asks her what she did with the horn and she replies that she gave it to the Elder. Sister Kate congratulates her for finally completing a mission where she did not destroy anything in the process. When she goes to see the Elder, she finds that he is developing a machine that will sense the presence of demons. Remington follows her down and she apologizes for having lied to him. He tells her that it is all right. The Elder presents them with the machine. When they turn it on, they find that the Spirit is close by.

Outside, the demon who stole her gun blasts through the doors of the Order. He sets off alarms and walks forward. Rosette and Chrno run out and they realize that the person is not a human but a demon. He walks forward, holding Rosette’s pistol, and shoots himself in the head. Rather than dying, he emerges as a more powerful demon. The other nuns fire at the demon, but it only makes him grow more powerful. Chrno realizes that he is using the energy from the Spirits, rather than from his missing horn.

While Rosette loads her gun, Chrno holds up the horn and distracts the demon. As she goes to fire, she realizes that she loaded it incorrectly. The demon sends her flying, angering Chrno. Chrno begins to change, fighting against his seal. Before he can fully change, Rosette tackles him and brings him back to reality. She then kills the demon. Sister Kate, the Elder, and Remington are all worried about Chrno, wondering if he will ever break the seal. Meanwhile, Joshua receives word from Fiore that Aion wants to see him. Before he can see Aion, Viscount Borzo, a huge demon, steps in. Joshua asks Fiore to get some coffee. When she comes back, she finds Borzo dead on the ground.

Chrno Crusade Episode 1: Sister Rosette

It is 1928, in Brooklyn, New York. Inside of her car, Chrno tells Sister Rosette to wake up because she has a phone call from Sister Kate. She receives the car and rushes off to a restaurant where some people are being held hostage. As she gets there, she crashes into a building. When the police come, Rosette introduces herself as Rosette Christopher of the Magdalan Order. Chrno is her assistant. The police recognize her as an exorcist from the Order, skilled at killing monsters and performing exorcisms. Inside the building, Rosette trips over a corpse whose spirit was eaten. She and Chrno head up a staircase, searching for demons. A door opens at the top and Rosette bursts in. Chrno follows a little more hesitantly. They go to a door that has light spilling out of it at the bottom and open it. Inside the room, Rosette and Chrno see the marks of Satanists and a figure lying on a bed.

Rosette walks forward and takes the sheet off it, but finds dust. A spider-man jumps down and attacks Rosette. She fires many Sacreds at him, but misses. Chrno throws a grenade to distract him, allowing Rosette to fire point-blank into the spider-man’s mouth. Instead of dying, he comes back to life, growing larger and larger. Rosette and Chrno run out of the restaurant before the building explodes.

Back at the Order, Rosette is yelled at for blowing up another building. They believe that Chrno, who is a dark being, may have had something to do with the explosion. Rosette denies this and stalks out, running into Reverend Remington. She apologizes for her actions and runs off to type of an apology letter.

Remington and Sister Kate talk about Chrno, worried about his future with the Order. They are afraid that he will betray them some day. Meanwhile, Chrno sits outside while Rosette types up an apology letter and is hit on by three nuns. After she is done, they go and eat dinner. Rosette wonders if the spider-man blew up because of the Holy Water. She thanks Chrno for helping her and tells him that she had a dream that they went to the East Side the other night. She says that the Joshua in her will always be from that time.

As they are talking, the Elder, the Chief Weapons Developer, slides out from under the table, looking up Rosette’s skirt. When she tries to attack him, he shows off his newest creation – The Gospel, a bullet that has ancient spells inside of it. He asks Rosette to try it out for him, but on the condition that he can feel her breasts. However, a nun saves her and tells Rosette that Sister Kate would like to see her again.

That night, Rosette and Chrno get sent out on another mission, but this time, she does not crash the car. The police show her a blueprint of a ship that has arrived from England. A rescue team that went in there has not come back yet. As they are talking, a figure appears on the ship, but a ghoul drags it back and kills it. Rosette and Chrno head onto the ship, firing at the ghoul. Chrno steers the ship away from the harbor while Rosette searches for the creature. She searches the levels, finally finding light coming from a door. Inside the room, Rosette finds strange cargo. The ghoul attacks her and Rosette runs through the corridors. She has no idea why Sacreds will not kill the creature. Chrno finds her and tosses her the Gospel bullet. As she is running away, the ghoul catches her ankle with his tongue and drags her towards him. Rosette fires the Gospel at him and confines the ghoul back into a stolen artifact. Chrno screams as the ship shudders. They run out onto the deck to find that they have crashed into the Statue of Liberty.

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