Chrno Crusade Episode 3: Apostoles

Remington says that the Magdalan Order has figured out that the third prophesy of the Fatima Prophesy is that an angel will appear on Earth. From the balcony of an opera house, Rosette explains that Azmaria Hendric, a soprano, is believed to be the angel. She points out that the man who owns the hotel, Ricardo Hendric, is also a devil worshipper. Chrno can sense an energy from the tall man, Relaie, standing behind him.

That night, Rosette and Chrno hide out in a casino and wait for their chance. Chrno tries to keep Rosette focused on the mission and denies her money for the slot machines. Over-excited, Rosette accidentally breaks the slot machine. Chrno drags her away and they start to track down Azmaria. Rosette makes it onto Ricardo’s private floor where she finds a lot of people gathered. Chrno, who is at the top of the building, suddenly runs into a gargoyle, which comes to life. The mic goes dead and Rosette screams his name. Searching for a place to hide, she ducks into a Staff Only room and runs into Azmaria. Rosette introduces herself to Azmaria and tells her that she is there to rescue her.

As they are leaving the room, they run into Relaie. Azmaria covers for her and the guards go to take her to the from desk. Chrno and the demon break through the window. Relaie recognizes Chrno. Rosette, Azmaria, and Chrno jump out of the window and start to run. Relaie sends more demons after them. Rosette fires on them, exploding them on the main floor of the casino.

Azmaria apologizes for all the damage and death she has caused. She begins to sing and everyone is suddenly brought back to life. When she is done, she faints. Back at the Order, Rosette demands to know what the Apostles are. Remington and Sister Kate agree to tell her. Remington tells her that Joshua was an Apostle, just like Azmaria. That is why the Order wanted to bring him under their protection. Remington tells her that there are seven Apostles, each after the seven virtues. Joshua was Hope, while Azmaria was Benevolence. Outside, Azmaria explains to Chrno that she has always had her power but it has just recently begun to show itself strongly. Rosette is called over to help the other nuns with chores and Azmaria volunteers to help as well.

Back in Sister Kate’s office, Remington and Sister Kate worry about the time when the demons will try to take Azmaria. Remington hears the clatter of china and opens the door to find tea delivered to them. Azmaria runs outside, crying, because she has overheard their conversation. She runs into Rosette and Chrno and they take her to a lake up in the mountains. As they are running around, Chrno explains that Azmaria reminds Rosette of her former self, especially when she was a child. All of them play in the lake until the sun goes down.

At night, they make a fire and sit around it, talking. Rosette tells Azmaria that there is no shame in crying and encourages her to let out the pain inside of her. Azmaria beings crying, but has a smile on her face. At that moment, Relaie attacks them, pinning Chrno to the ground. Rosette and Azmaria see a huge zeppelin in the sky. Azmaria tells Relaie that she will go with him as long as he does not hurt Chrno. Relaie trick her by agreeing, then throws an orb of energy at Rosette and Chrno.


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