utada hikaru

+ Artist Profile +

 English name: Hikaru Utada
Date of birth:
January 19, 1983
Height: 5′ 2 ” / 158cm
Weight: Frequently changing =)
Blood Type: A

Birth Place:
New York City
Hobbies: Painting, Eating, E-mailing

+ Artist Bio +

Utada Hikaru, born in New York in 1983, grew up immersed in music. Recently she’s earned much praise for her musical sense and for her talent as singer-songwriter. Everything started with the single “time will tell,” which registered on numerous FM charts more than a month before her official debut “Automatic.” That release also did well on the charts, and since then, she’s followed it up with more and more songs, many of them entering the charts at the same time! Utada won the “PowerPlay” on dozens of nationwide FM stations. It is still freshly remembered that on the week of its release, her single set the record of ranking No.1 in frequency of airplay on FM and AM stations in both the Kanto and Kansai regions (203 times per week a 1998 record). And it’s a well-known fact that “Automatic/time will tell” (released Dec. 9, 1998 as both 12cm and 8cm discs) amazed everybody, achieving the extraordinary distinction of being ranked highly on various sales charts for both 12cm disc and 8cm discs, including the Original Confidence (Ori-Con) chart. Her following second single “Movin’ on without you” (released February 17, 1999 ), a commercial song for Nissan Terrano, earned the top position as it appeared in the Original Confidence chart. And her debut album, “First Love” (March 10, 1999 release), sold out at record stores prior to its official release date. In addition to instantly ranking No.1 on the Ori-Con chart, it also set new records for “Highest Initial Points for a Debut Album,” and “Highest Initial Points for an Original Album.” In the May 10 issue of Ori-Con, it became No.1 on the All Albums Chart. In the space of a mere five months after her debut, Utada climbed to the top of the Japanese pop music scene. After the title track of “First Love” (released April 28, 1999) became the main theme for TBS network’s weekly drama “Majo no Joken” (To Be a Witch), it was released as a single. Together with the drama the song continues to give heart-throbbing excitement to all viewers. The first live performances as “Utada Hikaru” were held on April 1 (at Umeda Heat Beat, Osaka) and April 2 (at Zepp Tokyo, Tokyo) with a full invitation system. Each host radio station was swarmed by applications from fans. Each stage was one consolidated groove when everybody and everything in the hall became as one amid the highest excitement, as Utada voiced, “Live is great and fun…!”


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