morning musume

+ Group Bio +Morning Musume is currently the most popular group act in Japan. The group originally started out with five original members: Aya Isiguro, Natsumi Abe, Asuka Fukuda, Kaori Iida, and Yuko Nakazawa. Morning Musume was the brainchild of SharanQ’s vocalist, Tsunku, on the television program “Asayan.” In order to debut, Morning Musume had to sell 50,000 CDs over a span of five days. The girls of Morning Musume met the challenge, selling out all the CDs in four days.

Morning Musume’s debut SingleCD, “Morning Coffee” quickly made it onto the JPOP charts at number 6. After this debut single, three new members joined Morning Musume: Sayaka Ichii, Mari Yaguchi, Kei Yasuda. This brought the total count of Morning Musume members up to eight, quite a high number. I remember them coming out onto the stage during a Hey! Hey! Hey! episode, and wondering when the stream of members would end. Their second single, Summer Night Town, edged up to number 4 on the JPOP charts. Then, Morning Musume hit the number 1 spot on the JPOP rankings with their third single, Daite Hold on Me. I saw them perform this song on Kouhaku and they looked pretty stiff with their dance routines. They’ve since improved on their performances, jumping around and acting all crazy. And doing things that you’d think would be embarassing, but somehow it all comes together.

Ever since their first chart-topping single, Morning Musume has been taking the JPOP world by storm. Anything associated with Morning Musume becomes an instant hit. I gotta admit, their songs are quite catchy. To make things even more interesting (or confusing), the members of Morning Musume started forming sub-groups, with names such as Puchimoni, Minimoni, Tanpopo, and Country Musume.

To top it off, the number of members in Morning Musume has now risen to a staggering 13! Are you kidding me??? After the producers realized that Japan absolutely loved seeing a bunch of youngsters acting their age with singing talent not much of a factor, they must’ve figured…more is better! Why have only 8 youngsters acting all crazy when they can have 13! Being that members seem to come and go every now and then, who knows what the number will be in the future. What’s for sure is that Morning Musume will remain popular in Japan for quite some time.


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