kuraki mai

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Kuraki Mai, whose nickname is Mai-K, released her first single at the age of 16 in October 1999. Titled “Baby I Like,” the song was recorded in Boston and was an instant hit in Japan. Two months later, Kuraki Mai released her first Japanese single, “Love, Day after Tomorrow.” It was a huge success, rocketing up to number one on the Oricon music chart. Mai-K continued her streak by releasing a string of singles which all held a presence on the Oricon chart. In the relatively short time, she has become well-known in Japan even though she hasn’t made any appearances in public nor on TV due to her concentration on her studies. As the college entrance exams in Japan are notoriously difficult, Mai-K devoted her time between studying for those exams and creating new recordings and music videos. In October 2000, she passed the entrance exams to one of the best universities in Japan, Richimeikan. Her category entry was for students with cultural or artistic talent–requiring an essay and interview. She will be a University student come next spring. In the meantime, Kuraki Mai now has some more time to her singing activities. Beginning 12/3/00, she will appear on “Sky Perfect TV” as a regular. She had limited her TV appearance until now because she had to study for her entrance exam, but now she can interact with fans. Kuraki will give her answers to fax and mail on the show, which will be aired on Saturdays.

I am personally a big fan of Kuraki Mai. She’s my favorite JPOP singer right now. The first song I heard from her was “Stay by my side,” and I liked her voice and the tune. The music video, though, was kinda ghetto, like Utada Hikaru’s Automatic video. =) Everyone has to start somewhere! Her subsequent videos after she gained more popularity, however, were higher budget and higher quality as well. Although I feel she is very talented, she also appears to be humble about her abilities, a trait that is very appealing in talented musicians. Also, she just looks like a nice girl. =) It’s a nice change from the style of flashy singers such as Hamasaki Ayumi and Amuro Namie.


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