Chrno Crusade Episode 8: The Puppet

In the suburbs of New York, Rosette, Chrno, and Azmaria go shopping for supplies. They get a phone call from Remington, who tells them to meet him at Grand Central Station at five o’clock. Rosette is delighted to be asked to pick Remington up. Meanwhile, Remington waits at the station. A strange man comes forward, telling him that he ate the man he was supposed to meet. When Remington draws his gun, he finds that the delivery boy is normal and that everyone in the station is laughing at him. The delivery man holds a screwdriver to his neck and tells Remington to hand over his gun so that they can talk.

Meanwhile, Rosette, Chrno, and Azmaria rush to get all the supplies back to the Order before picking up Remington. When the other nuns see the wet flour sacks, they blame Rosette’s bad driving, even though it was Azmaria who tripped with them. Chrno drags an angry Rosette away from them and she runs back out to the car. Chrno and Azmaria tell the nuns where she is going, but one of them mentions that Remington went out in his car earlier and should not need someone to pick him up.

In the station, Remington learns that everyone there is associated with Aion. They tell him they are waiting for Rosette because He needs her. Remington tells them that because the weather is bad, Rosette may not even come. He tells them that ever since Rosette came to the Order, he considers himself as her guardian. He attacks one of them and says that he cannot let anyone take Rosette. At that moment, Rosette enters Grand Central Station.

Rosette is led away by two men who tell her that Joshua is waiting for them. Remington then draws a cross that is a sword and slices through all the webs manipulating people. He tells Rosette that the man controlling them is at the second window. Rosette draws her gun and shoots at him, but misses. As they are preparing to leave, the voice of the Puppeteer calls out to them. The Puppeteer raises all the people, who are only unconscious, and tells Rosette that if she obeys her, all the people can be saved. A small boy tells her to hurry up and see Joshua, who suffers because he cannot see his sister. A man sneaks up behind Remington and places a gun to his head, telling him that only Rosette can go with them. Back at the Order, Sister Kate receives a phone call that shots were fired at Grand Central Station.

Meanwhile, Rosette goes with the two men, who tell her that they will take her to Joshua. She starts to get on the train, but Remington, who has fought out of the crowd, tells her not to go. The Puppeteer grabs him and lifts him up in the air. Rosette fights against the crowd of men, finally able to throw Remington a sword. He slashes through the bindings and falls to the ground. The Puppeteer tells her that she will have to take Rosette by force then and sends her army of manipulated humans at her. Remington tells her to aim for their necks, where the threads are attached. She and Remington escape back into the main hallway, but the crowds restrain them.

As the Puppeteer is going in to capture her, Chrno and Azmaria enter. Azmaria has set up a Cruciform Barrier, which frees everyone and hurts the Puppeteer. Chrno recognizes the Puppeteer as Rizeel. After the incident, Remington hands her the package that was delivered to him. She finds photos of Joshua in it.


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