Chrno Crusade Episode 7: The Devil

Rosette enter the chapel where she finds all the religious symbols weeping. She screams and gets Sister Kate. As they are staring in amazement, a call comes fro Sister Kate. Remington enters and tells them that other churches have reported seeing a black sun and a red moon. Chrno says that these symbols means that Aion has arrived. In other parts of the world, hail mixed with fire and blood wipe out one third of the life. Members of the dead rise. Sister Kate points out that Central Park is one of the hot spots where Aion could rise up. In previous uprisings, that area has always been sealed. She receives orders that she is to reestablish the barrier of Seven Feathers there.

Remington orders everyone to their assigned spots – Rosette, Chrno, and Azmaria showing up late. Throughout the park, rifts begin to open. Rosette holds off demons while Chrno and Azmaria help set up the barrier. As they are going to set up the last one, hordes of undead stop them. Satella (Hexe) appears , using her jewel magic to kill the undead surrounding them. She tells Rosette that the government of New York has assigned her to help them. When Rosette tells Chrno and Azmaria to finish the barrier, Chrno senses Aion. He grabs both of them and begins to run.

Satella senses a devil too and turns to find a man in white. He introduces himself as the Alpha and the Omega, Aion. Chrno shouts for her to stop, but she attacks Aion. He takes her energy blast and sends it back to her. Chrno jumps in front of her and absorbs the hit. Aion walks forward and asks Chrno to join him again in changing the Pandemonium. When Chrno resists, he throws him against a boulder. Rosette jumps out, drawing her gun, and asks where Joshua is. Aion refuses to reply and asks for Azmaria.

Meanwhile, Remington receives word that all sections of the barrier are in place and that they are just waiting for Rosette. They are worried because Rosette has not reported in yet. Aion sits down and tells everyone that the one called God is the one that has created all of their problems. Chrno calls for them not to listen to Aion, but Aion summons Chrno forward and chokes him with one hand. Aion tells them that God will not save any one of them now. He offers to free them from their suffering, like he did Joshua. He then chokes Chrno so that he spits up blood.

Aion walks towards Azmaria, telling her that he needs her power to defeat God. Rosette jumps between him and Azmaria and shoots him at point blank rage, but the bullet has no effect. Aion walks forward, addressing her as Mary of Magdala. When Aion kisses her, Chrno becomes angry. He summons all the power he can and starts to turn into a demon. Azmaria screams for Chrno to stop and tells Aion that she will come with him. When Aion touches her shoulder, to lead her away, a bright light hits him and he screams. The barrier is successful, with the last piece in Azmaria’s hand completing it. Chrno rushes over to Rosette and tells her that the man was not the real Aion.


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