Chrno Crusade Episode 6: The Jewel Summoner

In New York City, South Brooklyn, a strange woman approaches a group of smugglers. She introduces herself as Hexe du Jewel (the Jewel Witch). Back at the Order, Sister Kate learns that demons are going to be used as soldier for a mafia family. She sadly tells Remington that she sent Rosette, Chrno, and Azmaria after the smugglers because no other members of the militia were available. Rosette, Chrno, and Azmaria travel to the warehouse, but find it empty. A loud explosion is heard and they head towards that. Azmaria accidentally drops something the Elder gave her and when she goes to pick it up, the monster appears. Hexe appears and saves her. Azmaria watches in amazement as Hexe creates a huge warrior that defeats the monster.

When Rosette and Chrno appear, they find an army of monsters coming out of the warehouse. Hexe goes to leave, but Rosette stops her. Hexe introduces herself as Satella Harvenheit. Together, they fight off the monsters while Azmaria sets up a barrier. One of the monsters sneaks up behind Azmaria and Chrno saves her. However, she accidentally burns him with some Holy Water.

After they defeat all the monsters, Hexe yells at Rosette for letting a demon like Chrno fight along side them. She is convinced that Chrno is just another demon. Azmaria steps in and explains that Chrno is not like the rest. Hexe stalks off, telling Rosette to watch her back. Rosette receives a phone call from Sister Kate, telling them to investigate on foot for a while. Back at her home, Hexe reports that Rosette was fighting with a demon and is worried about the Order.

Rosette and her group run into Hexe when they find a car that has been attacked by demons. Hexe tells them that she has been tracking a smuggling cartel and that this scene is similar to a previous one. Chrno asks her why she came out to see the car, even though there is no bounty for dead bodies. She tells them that she is determined to finish the job. Rosette tells Hexe that she will help her, but Hexe refuses her help. They follow Hexe, who orders them to stop following her. Hexe tries to lose them down an alley but fails. They all collapse out of exhaustion in a park. Rosette smells hot dogs and Chrno says that he will get some food for them.

While eating, Hexe explains that she came to America from Germany about ten years ago. She says that she spent a lot of time searching for someone, but is not certain if she will ever find that person. As they are talking, a kick ball hits Rosette in the head. She and Azmaria join in the game. Chrno talks to Hexe, telling her that, like Hexe, Rosette is also searching for someone. When a child runs after a ball that has been kicked out of bounds, a demon rises up and grabs him. Chrno tackles him and the boy goes free. The demon throws Chrno aside and summons his army. As Rosette and Hexe fight the demons, Azmaria sets up the barrier.

After setting the last cross into the ground, Azmaria is grabbed by a demon. Hexe’s warrior attacks it, but it absorbs its underlings and becomes a giant sphinx that has more power. It knocks Hexe to the ground, but before it can kill her, Chrno jumps in front of her and saves her. Rosette loads a bullet into her gun and kills the demon. After they fight is over, Hexe leaves, telling them that she will never trust demons, even though Chrno just saved her life.


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