Chrno Crusade Episode 5: Militia

Rosette arrives late to Sister Kate’s office. Sister Kate asks them if there was a connection between Reraie and Aion. Chrno says that there is no connection. Remington and Sister Kate say that they is pretty sure that Aion’s plan is to declare war against Heaven. Because of this, Aion is trying to get rid of the Apostles, like Azmaria and Joshua. Rosette is angered and asks for the task for finding all the Apostles, saying that she now has enough skill to take on the demons. Sister Kate points that her becoming so emotional is a sign that she is not ready. She tells Rosette and Chrno that they will get the usual missions in the meantime.

Outside, Azmaria is waiting for them. She tells them that she loves being in the Children’s Choir and thanks them for helping her. Rosette tells both of them that she plans on leaving the Order because she feels that she will be held back by staying. She orders Chrno to come with her. That night, Rosette and Chrno try to sneak out. They run into Remington, who tells them that they can apply to become First Class Exorcists in the militia. All they need to do is convince Sister Kate. Back in Sister Kate’s office, Azmaria has come to ask Sister Kate for some advice. Azmaria says that she wants to become exactly like Rosette because Rosette is someone who can help people and who never gives up. She takes Azmaria to the training room and explains that Azmaria will be fighting artificial monsters.

Meanwhile, Rosette prepares for training. Chrno is asked to stay behind in the preparation room while Rosette enters the training room. Remington sets it for Level 20, the highest Rosette can train on. Remington tells Chrno that he has released a major demon inside the training room, just to really test Rosette. On hearing this, Sister Kate appears, upset at Remington that he did not clear this training session with her.

Confused, Azmaria wanders around the training room, unsure of what to do. She hears gunfire and retreats into a corner. Rosette comes out, guns blazing, searching for the monster. Through the mic, Remington tells her that there has been an accident and that the test will be cancelled. He tells her that Azmaria is down there and that they cannot find her. He then tells her about the real demon down there. Sister Kate tells her to exit the room and leave the rest to them. However, Rosette cannot leave Azmaria in trouble. She asks Remington if she can save Azmaria. He tells her that her opponent is the Mind Eater. As he is describing it, the communications cut out.

Alone in the training room, Rosette waits for the demon. Azmaria creeps up behind her, but Rosette recognizes that the Mind Eater has taken control of Azmaria’s body. She leaps on Azmaria, telling her to take control of her body, but Azmaria throws her off. Rosette leaps back and places Azmaria in a cross, trapping her. Seeing the explosions, Chrno demands to go down there, but Remington and Sister Kate tell him that Rosette will have to perform the exorcism herself by diving into Azmaria’s soul and bringing the real person back.

In the room, Rosette starts the exorcism and finds the Mind Eater already there. The Mind Eater tells her that Azmaria fears her own power, because it has caused the death of so many. Rosette sees Azmaria standing over the graves of all her past family and friends. Rosette calls out to Azmaria, but the Mind Eater multiplies and tackles her to the ground. Rosette keeps calling out to Azmaria, finally breaking her concentration. When the Mind Eater bites Rosette, Azmaria screams and comes back to her body. When Rosette wakes up, she sees Chrno leaning over her. She also sees Azmaria surrounded by a white light, safe from the demon.


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