Chrno Crusade Episode 4: Sinners

The zeppelin takes Azmaria away. Inside, she finds Ricardo strapped to a throne. He places Relaie in chains, angered that he attacked Chrno and Rosette without his permission. Relaie apologizes an is freed. Azmaria is strapped down to a chair and is ordered to give Ricardo life. Back on the land, the Order finds Rosette and Chrno unconscious. They realize that they are dealing a demon more powerful than any they have ever seen before. Rosette forces herself to stand and go and see if Chrno is all right. She tries to release Chrno, but he refuses. She tells him that he is the only person who can save Azmaria, but Chrno still does not want to be freed. Remington realizes that the source of Chrno’s power is Rosette’s soul.

In the zeppelin, Ricardo explains that he has fed Relaie for so long that it has eaten away his soul. He orders her to heal him and make him fully human again. Relaie begins the ritual and orders Azmaria to begin singing. Back on Earth, they see the Astral Line light up in the sky. Remington explains that the Astral Line is the origin of life and believes that the Apostles are given the ability to manipulate the Astral Line. Rosette tries to get a plane to get up to the zeppelin, but is denied. She begs Chrno to turn into a demon and he grudgingly agrees to do so for ten minutes. Rosette releases him and he turns into his true form.

Azmaria continues to scream, allowing the Astral Line to enter Ricardo. However, Relaie stops the process, killing Ricardo. He opens up his chest and explains that with the Astral flow he receives, he should be free. As Chrno and Rosette fly up to the zeppelin, part of it explodes. They enter the zeppelin and find Relaie. He tells them that he refuses to let them or Aion take Azmaria. Chrno tells Rosette to get Azmaria off the zeppelin, as the rest of the humans are really Legions, inferior demons that can take human form.

Relaie attacks Chrno while Rosette goes after Azmaria. Relaie calls Chrno weak, but Chrno tells him that he refuses to use all of his power. Rosette rescues Azmaria and outside of the window, they can see Chrno and Relaie fighting. Rosette explains that Chrno lives off her soul but in turn, serves as her protector. She tells Azmaria that she probably will not live to be thirty. Rather than being sad about it, Rosette says that she will just try to do as much work as she is able to before she dies.

Meanwhile, Chrno attacks Relaie many times, but is defeated each time. Relaie tells Chrno that he will free Chrno, by killing Rosette. Relaie fires a blast into the zeppelin, but misses Rosette. Angered, Chrno seizes Relaie and cuts him in two. The zeppelin explodes and Rosette and Azmaria begin to fall over the lake. Azmaria clings onto Rosette and sprouts wings that allow her, Rosette, and Chrno to reach the ground safely. Back at the Order, they find that Azmaria cannot use her powers for a while. She agrees to stay with them until she is fully healed.


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