Chrno Crusade Episode 10: Horn

Rosette is stunned to see a bird talking to Chrno and Chrno explains that the bird is just another devil, like him. Chrno tells Aion that he refuses to work with him anymore, but Aion offers him his horns back. Aion explains to Rosette that devil horns as astral absorption organs and that he broke Chrno’s off. He invites Chrno to join him again and regain his glory. Chrno tells Aion that he will not join him, even for his horns. Aion tells him that he has already given the horns away.

Back at the orphanage, Joshua wakes up to hear the voice of Aion. Aion tells him that it is unfair that other children can run around without having to worry about illness. Aion appears and hands him Chrno’s horns, telling Joshua that they will give him power. Back in the forest, Aion tells Chrno and Rosette to see what he has done to Joshua. Chrno grows wings and carries Rosette back to the orphanage.

At the orphanage, Joshua stumbles out of his room with horns growing out of his head. When one of the other children tries to reach out to him, Joshua can hear his inner thoughts of fear and loathing. He attacks the boy, turning him into stone, and the thoughts stop entering his head. He realizes that to stop the thoughts, he needs to turn everyone into stone.

Rosette and Chrno arrive to find everyone fleeing the building. The building explodes and everyone turns to stone. Rosette walks forward, confused, and finds Joshua walking out of the building. She sees the horns on Joshua’s head and asks him what is going on. Joshua tells her what happened, but Rosette begins to cry. Joshua pushes her away, crouching from the noise. He tells Rosette to run away before he accidentally turns her to stone too.

Chrno picks Rosette up and flies into the air with her to save her. She notices that his hand has not healed and Chrno explains that his astral energy is too low. Chrno tells her about contractors, people who summon devils. The devils will do their bidding if the contractor provides them his soul to use. Rosette offers he soul up to Chrno to use, knowing that he is the only person who can save Joshua. Chrno agrees to the contract and hands her a watch that will keep track of her life. Chrno tells Azmaria that he wonders if they made the right choice, but Rosette is certain that they did. Meanwhile, Aion flies to Joshua and tells him they have found another Apostle in Texas and are trying to get it.


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