Chrno Crusade Episode 1: Sister Rosette

It is 1928, in Brooklyn, New York. Inside of her car, Chrno tells Sister Rosette to wake up because she has a phone call from Sister Kate. She receives the car and rushes off to a restaurant where some people are being held hostage. As she gets there, she crashes into a building. When the police come, Rosette introduces herself as Rosette Christopher of the Magdalan Order. Chrno is her assistant. The police recognize her as an exorcist from the Order, skilled at killing monsters and performing exorcisms. Inside the building, Rosette trips over a corpse whose spirit was eaten. She and Chrno head up a staircase, searching for demons. A door opens at the top and Rosette bursts in. Chrno follows a little more hesitantly. They go to a door that has light spilling out of it at the bottom and open it. Inside the room, Rosette and Chrno see the marks of Satanists and a figure lying on a bed.

Rosette walks forward and takes the sheet off it, but finds dust. A spider-man jumps down and attacks Rosette. She fires many Sacreds at him, but misses. Chrno throws a grenade to distract him, allowing Rosette to fire point-blank into the spider-man’s mouth. Instead of dying, he comes back to life, growing larger and larger. Rosette and Chrno run out of the restaurant before the building explodes.

Back at the Order, Rosette is yelled at for blowing up another building. They believe that Chrno, who is a dark being, may have had something to do with the explosion. Rosette denies this and stalks out, running into Reverend Remington. She apologizes for her actions and runs off to type of an apology letter.

Remington and Sister Kate talk about Chrno, worried about his future with the Order. They are afraid that he will betray them some day. Meanwhile, Chrno sits outside while Rosette types up an apology letter and is hit on by three nuns. After she is done, they go and eat dinner. Rosette wonders if the spider-man blew up because of the Holy Water. She thanks Chrno for helping her and tells him that she had a dream that they went to the East Side the other night. She says that the Joshua in her will always be from that time.

As they are talking, the Elder, the Chief Weapons Developer, slides out from under the table, looking up Rosette’s skirt. When she tries to attack him, he shows off his newest creation – The Gospel, a bullet that has ancient spells inside of it. He asks Rosette to try it out for him, but on the condition that he can feel her breasts. However, a nun saves her and tells Rosette that Sister Kate would like to see her again.

That night, Rosette and Chrno get sent out on another mission, but this time, she does not crash the car. The police show her a blueprint of a ship that has arrived from England. A rescue team that went in there has not come back yet. As they are talking, a figure appears on the ship, but a ghoul drags it back and kills it. Rosette and Chrno head onto the ship, firing at the ghoul. Chrno steers the ship away from the harbor while Rosette searches for the creature. She searches the levels, finally finding light coming from a door. Inside the room, Rosette finds strange cargo. The ghoul attacks her and Rosette runs through the corridors. She has no idea why Sacreds will not kill the creature. Chrno finds her and tosses her the Gospel bullet. As she is running away, the ghoul catches her ankle with his tongue and drags her towards him. Rosette fires the Gospel at him and confines the ghoul back into a stolen artifact. Chrno screams as the ship shudders. They run out onto the deck to find that they have crashed into the Statue of Liberty.


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