amuro namie

+ Artist Profile +

English name: Namie Amuro
Date of birth:
September 20, 1977
Height: 5′ 2 ” / 158cm
Weight: 88lbs / 40 kg.
Blood Type: O
30″:23″:33.5″ / 75cm:59cm:85cm
Birth Place:
Okinawa, Japan
Ethnicity: 75% Japanese, 25% Italian

+ Artist Bio +

Amuro Namie was one of the most popular pop singers in Japan during the 90s and perhaps the most successful of all time. Namie’s musical talent and dance abilities combined with her charisma and uncanny stage presence has won the hearts of fans all around the world. Beginning her singing career performing in a little Okinawan supermarket when she was 12, Amuro could only dream of ony day being like one of the singers she saw on TV. Little did she know in a few years time she would become the rage of the Japanese pop music industry. In 1992, Namie paired with four classmates from her acting school to form the group called the “Supermonkeys.” A few of their Eurobeat songs produced by the Hinocky Team gained the attention of not only the public, but of the prominent producer Tetsuya Komuro. Komuro soon took Namie under his wing and the first song he produced for her, Body Feels Exit, became an instant megahit. From then on, every single TK-produced song for Amuro was quick to hit the top of the charts as she became perhaps the first Japanese worldwide sensation. Being in Japan during the release of her first album, I can attest to the wave of excitement that Amuro bestowed on the younger generation. Now her consideration on breaking up relations with TK will give her an uncertain future, a lot of us hope for the old dance beat amuro, but amuro’s relations with US producer Dallas Austin gives us nice R&B music and hip hop remixes. I can live with that!


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